Let's get growing some delicious Microgreens!

Items needed:

  • Grass Roots Grow Mat
  • 2 Grow Trays (No Holes) + 1 Drainage Tray Insert (Holes) *Drainage Tray is not necessary but makes the process easier and avoids over-watering.
  • Spray Bottle + Filtered Non-Chlorinated Water
  • Microgreen Seed
  • Shop Light - Single or Dual Bulb - Preferably T5, T8, T12 Florescent



Microgreens Growing Instructions:

Initial Setup-

Step 1) Place the Drainage Insert Tray into the 1st Grow Tray.  These two trays make up the main grow tray that the Grow Mat will go into. Set the 2nd Grow Tray aside until Step 5.

Step 2) Add your Grass Roots Grow Mat to the Main Grow Tray.

Step 3) Water your Grow Mat using Filtered, Non-Chlorinated Water. Make sure to drain off any excess water that your Grow Mat does not absorb.

Step 4) Add Seeds (not-included) by sprinkling them evenly over the Grow Mat.  Amount of seed needed per tray will vary depending on the variety of seeds you use.

Step 5) Using a Spray Bottle (Filtered Water Non-Chlorinated), spray the 2nd Grow Tray and then place it directly on top of the 1st Grow Tray so that the tops of the two trays touch.  This creates the necessary moisture to germinate the seeds and keep them growing healthy.


Days 2-5  (Germination Stage)

Seeds will begin to sprout during this period.  The sprouts will be taking root in the dark for days 2-5 days or until your sprouts are ready to see the light. Keep the tray moisture high so that there are condensation droplets on the inside of the upper tray.  Spray when necessary to keep the moisture level as constant and even as possible during the germination period.  Do not over water the Grow Mat.  You do not want any water to pool at the bottom of the tray.




Days 5-9

Your Microgreen Seeds will be ready for light around day 5.  Simply lift the top tray off and place it neatly under the bottom tray to keep it out of the way.  Now you can place your Microgreens grow tray under the light.

Lighting: It is recommended that you use a single to dual bulb T5, T8, T12 florescent light fixture to grow your greens. Shop lights are easy to find and work great for Microgreens.  A standard 4' fixture (single or dual bulb) can easily grow 4 trays of Microgreens.  Most Home Improvement stores carry grow bulbs for these fixtures.

Watering: Be sure to water your Grow Mat regularly and ensure that it is kept at a consistent and even moisture level.




All in under 2 weeks!

So, you've followed the instructions, and now its Harvest Time.  The amazing thing about our Organic Hemp Fiber Grow Mats is that you get the best of two worlds - Sprouts & Microgreens.  When you're ready to harvest just pull gently on the carpet of greens and see how easy it is to not only pull the intact green out of the mat, but also the entire root structure - perfectly intact.  With our Grow Mats you can enjoy delicious Microgreens that have the roots attached for added nutrition and increased overall yield.  Hemp Fiber grow mats are the best for growing healthy, delicious greens!

Before Eating your Greens - Be sure to wash your Microgreens thoroughly with clean cold water, and remove any mat material that may stick to the root system.   Happy Growing and Healthy Eating!



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