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Q- What are these Grow Mats Made from?

A- 100% Natural Hemp Fiber


Q- What is the thickness of the Grow Mats?

A- The thickness of the Mats is 5mm



Q- What dimensions can I order your Grow Mats in?

A- The mats are cut to a 20″ width.  Grow Mat lengths can be cut to your spec.

Rolls are available which are approx. 82 yards in length and 20″ wide.  All mats are 5mm thick.

We use only low retted Hemp Fiber, which creates a durable fiber mat for growing healthy greens.



Q- What can I grow with these Grow Mats?

A- The mats are great for growing Microgreens, and veggie starters. They can be used for all Microgreen Varieties, and for getting your garden starters going.



Q- How do I get started growing with these Mats?

A- Follow these simple Instructions



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